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Service & Sourcing Life Cycle Management

Service & Sourcing Life Cycle Management

Service & sourcing life cycle is essential for the most efficient management of IT &/ business services and thereby increasing the agility of an enterprize.

In order to sustain highest levels of business performance, an organization acting as a service provider needs to offer competitive products & services to their customer that they will value, buy & use. Moreover, organizations should be able to support their customers to quickly adapt/ change their products & services based not only on changing economic environment & market place, but also to enable their customers business to transform & grow.

It is essential that any service that does not meet business requirements should be quickly adapted, redesigned, resourced or phased out.

Each stage of the service life cycle relies on service principles, processes, roles & performance factors. Moreover, each stage is dependant on previous life cycle stages for input & feedback. A constant set of checks & balances throughout the service & sourcing life cycle will ensure that as business demand changes, services will also be well positioned to adapt & respond effectively to them.

4USource SaaS platform is redefining the service & sourcing life cycle management processes. 4USource enables both enterprizes as well as service providers with a digital platform for the successful management of service & sourcing life cycle processes. 4USource provides all the necessary tools, data & analytics to be ready for the on-demand economy. With 4USource, efficiently manage your service life cycle processes & get the agility to be successful always.

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision.
You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”   (Hesburgh)


Benefits from Life Cycle Mgmt.

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Benefits of Service & Sourcing Life Cycle Management

  • Automatic generation of resourcing planning information
  • Quickly identify A, B, C clients & their service demands
  • Always be aware of critical resources
  • Take advantage of the dynamic reporting environment from the system
Highlights from Life Cycle Mgmt.
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Highlights from Service & Sourcing Life Cycle Management

  • Operate service as-is with minor changes from business, keep the business
    running (control, manage, and bill services)
  • Discover new services & providers or change existent services & providers within few clicks
  • Rapidly define, re-design, or specify new or existing services
  • Service operation
  • Achieve quick & continual service improvement