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Contract Management

Contract Management “Smart Service Contacts”

4USource can support your organisation in digitalizing any service contract and building the Real Time Service Model for complex sourcing or service contracts, which are critical & complex to manage.  At the current state of art, service providers have detailed control over the contract content. This also means that it is very challenging for an organisation to get back to the drivers seat and take control to manage the provider.

1. For these reasons 4USource is focused towards bring the control back to the business. Most contracts are managed over their  life cycle, which means that implementing the contract can start soon after the negotiation process has finished and new teams can easily take up control at each phase until the phase out of the service contract

2. Change is inevitable and they are going to happen during the life cycle of any service contract. The service contract may require the following changes during its life cycle:

  • Change to quality of service
  • Change to quantity of service
  • Change to scope of service
  • Change to market & unit pricing of service

4USource is committed and focused on the better management of entire service life cycle with the adoption of our best practice digital service model.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
(Albert Einstein)


Benefits from Contract Management

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Benefits of Contract Management Services

  • 4USource provides the contract life cycle model for any service contract starting from the negotiation phase until phase-out
  • 4USource will place the customer back to the drivers seat to track, redefined & manage all the service models defined within a contract
  • 4USource facilitates proactive life cycle management of contracts, thereby identifying cost savings
Highlights from Contract Management

Highlights from Contract Management Services

  • Our customer pays a service fee and utilises various information pertaining to contracts
  • Our customers have more transparency over finances & can quickly identify contracts that are over/ under charged by providers
  • Our customers can make informed decisions to source or re-source any service contract
  • Our customers can benefit significantly with the shorting of the entire contract life cycle mgmt. process