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Benchmarking Services

4USource has revolutionised the benchmarking process from one shot benchmarking to executing them continuously. Continuous benchmarking is made possible currently only with our leading edge 4USource SaaS platform. All it takes to start using & benefitting from 4USource is to sign up and purchase a subscription, following which our customers will have access to 4USource anywhere at anytime.

4USource is setting the new industry standard best practices for continuous benchmarking services. Continuous bench marking is made possible based on the vast service catalogue content maintained by 4USource. 4USource currently stores more than 10,000 service building blocks and more than 3.2 billion euros in mapped IT services. The benchmarking is achieved with normalized service building blocks, that facilitate best practice modelling of any IT service. The key elements of any IT or Business service are as follows:

  • The scope of service
  • The quality of service
  • The quantity of service
  • The technology that drives & delivers the service
  • The market and unit pricing of the service

“The way benchmarks are executed, year to date, has essentially changed by 4USource in terms of speed and flexibility by performing continuous benchmarking, rather then doing one shot benchmarking, with no additional associated costs.”


Benefits from Benchmarking Services

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Benefits from Continuous Benchmarking

  • Execute benchmarking quickly in a short period of time
  • Get instant market & unit pricing information for the benchmarked service
  • Benchmarking requires no additional cost associated with it
  • The benchmark information can be easily reused

Highlights of Benchmarking Services
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Highlights of benchmarking services

  • Instantly get market & unit pricing information
  • Reuse of benchmarking model & information
  • Get rid of PowerPoint results
  • Services can be easily mapped to service catalogue(s)
  • Get the ability to compare prices between services at the desired level of granularity
  • Benefit from the continuous benchmark feature