Achieve even more with 4USource consulting services….

……to plan, build and operate IT-Service & Sourcing Life Cycle

We the niche industry experts from 4USource have delivered a leading edged digital solution to IT management, IT service & sourcing life cycle management processes, for global enterprises spanning several industries (healthcare, government, insurance, financial, telecom, manufacturing & high tech. industries).

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Our program architects, the most qualified & certified in the ecosystem, partner with you to help maximize your 4USource investment and trust. With an average of 20+ years of experience in high-pressure IT environments, they will develop a deep understanding of your business goals and architecture of IT systems. Following which they will recommend optimal Service Design, that will facilitate the building up of Service Catalogues, Service Portfolios, Self Service Configuration Portals in addition to making significant contributions to solution and enterprise architecture strategies. Our strong focus is to create transparent business centric view to managing IT Services.

Service Customization

Achieve the desired & optimized level of service customization from the 4USource platform as per your organisational requirements. Our Business Consultants will support you in the design & implementation of IT service portfolios, IT service catalogues and IT self service portal. Business Consultants are well equipped and ready to extend support to your organisation with:

  • The design and implementation of customized service portfolios
  • The design and implementation of customized service catalogues
  • The implementation of technical services
  • The implementation of business Services

Service Digitalization

Experience the benefits of digitized services with 4USource platform. Central to the 4USource platform is design and capturing of the IT service model. We have formed a great team of well qualified service engineers who will support you from start to finish to design and implement IT service models of your organisation. IT service models are prerequisites for the automation & industrialization of the service delivery processes. Some of the services supported by our services engineers include:

  • Capturing and building the digitized service model
  • Adapting the service configurator based on your requirements
  • Implementation of business ervices
  • Implementation of technical services
  • Implementation of  service cost models
  • Implementation of service catalogue models
  • Implementation of resource planning models

Service Industrialization

The 4USource platform provides a number of possibilities for seamless integration with a host of existing systems operational within your organization. We are continuously adding support for integration with more and more systems as we speak. However, our service engineers will support your organization in the design and implementation of necessary interfaces for integrating captured service models with your organisation’s commercial and technical systems that are critical to achieving a greater level of automation and to accelerate the entire IT service delivery process within your organization. We have built a host of “4USource interface robots” that seamlessly integration with the following systems:

  • Interfaces to SAP billing & procurement systems
  • Interfaces to ORACLE Suite
  • Interfaces to
  • Interfaces to CMBDs from CA, BMC,HP,IBM, etc.
  • Interfaces to Service Now
  • And several other interfaces

We provide ongoing “Content Management Services”

The team at 4USource will not only assist you with designing, capturing and implemention for the digitization of services required by your organisation. 4USource offers additional services on an ongoing basis to our valued clients that have no time to spend or having  a shortage of resources. These ongoing services include, features like: continuous benchmarking, building & engineering services, building service models, service life cycle management, contract management, single point of billing services, benchmarking services & among others. 4USource summaries these services as the “Content Management Services”.


Content Management
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Benefits from 4USource’s operating model

Content Management

  • 4USource smartly identifies saving potentials within your organisation
  • 4USource provides relevant information that simplifies the decision making process and helps you take the right decision
  • 4USource offers extended services, like, “Content Management Services” to better serve your needs
  • 4USource implements financial models based on a shared risk & rewards program
  • 4USource is guaranteed to payback is less than 8 month of initial investment

4USource platform is fuelled with a plethora of relevant information that is made accessible from our platform to our valued customers.  Our clients have access to relevant information out-of-the-box using the dashboard function on our SaaS platform within a few clicks without the need to purchase/ install software or hardware.

Implementation Service
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Benefits from 4USource Advisory Model

Service & Sourcing Life Cycle Management

  • Accelerate build and implement phases
  • Quickly build service models, service portfolios & service catalogue
  • Build cost allocation models
  • Build service life cycle models
  • Build continuous benchmarking models
  • Build service market pricing models
  • Build demand & supply models
  • Build continuous sourcing models
  • Build cloud service models

Most of the customers can benefit from the large scale of projects which have been implemented by the 4USource team members over the last 20 years. Our customers ranges from global corporation as well as service providers in the service industry. Digitalization becomes the next big challenge. 4USource platform is fundamental in accelerating these processes, and build new IT or Business Services.

4USource Platform
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4USource Platform

Service & Sourcing Life Cycle Management

  • Make use of the service brokerage platform to get the best service price/ performance
  • Make use of the service life cycle platform to build and better manage services
  • Make use of the sourcing life cycle platform to better control the entire supply process
  • Make use of the service requirement platform to better control the entire demand process
  • Make use of the sourcing life cycle platform to simplify the procurement process
  • Make use of the service billing platform to simplify cross charging, cost allocation, & entire budgeting process

The benefits that can be achieved from the 4USource SaaS platform are transparent & valuable across the organization hierarchy ranging from CIOs, CFOs, COOs, procurement managers & business users.