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Self Service Configuration

Self Service Configuration

In order to deliver the agility and speed required in today’s fast-paced environment, organizations will also need to make self-service provisioning an essential component. This will require the creation of an easy to use portal with policy-based controls and governance. 4USource portal will be the main interface for both business and IT users to procure services regardless of their role and where they are located. This will be the new face of the IT service broker.

“Bring Information Technology back to the business, to fulfil business requirements and speed up business in using IT.”


Benefits from Self Service Configuration

Reduce the RFI, RFP, Offer processes with the 4USource Platform

  • Reduce time for evaluating pricing Information by factor of 10
  • Instantly get quotes for any technology or business services
  • Reduce evaluation process, & avoid time consuming RFI and RFP processes
  • Instantly identify saving potential
  • Instantly calculate business cases
  • Efficiently focus on cost drivers to get most out of IT

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Self Service Configuration

Rapid access to any Service Pricing, Quality of Service, Scope of Service offered

  • Instantly get market price information with 4USource platform
  • Always get accurate information, independent of the service & sourcing life cycle processes
  • Avoid additional cost for engagements with advisory services to undertake time consuming benchmarking exercises
  • 4USource database delivers more than 3.2 billion euros in mapped Services
  • 4USource database is periodically each month to add new services available on the market, from large sourcing transactions and services scouted from the Internet
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