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Service Brokerage Platform

Service Brokerage

4USource is transforming the way companies run their operations by integrating leading service providers into its powerful SaaS service portal which dramatically increases companies business buying power and reduces costs for IT and back-office administration services up to 70% by brokering  existing IT and BPO Services for best price and performance on the market.

“Now buy services with easy access, easy plug n play & easy payment services.”

This significant shift to “Self Service Portals” in the future can be applied to complex service offerings for large and medium enterprises in hybrid sourced services (corporate on premises operation, corporate shared service centers, virtual private cloud, public cloud, etc.) in service areas, such as:

  • IT connectivity services
  • IT infrastructure services
  • IT application services
  • Business services

4USource plays the pivotal role of providing the definitive service broker platform, which allows the online configuration of services from different providers and integrating them into a single customer service with a strong focus on customer’s requirements. This is possible only with “4USource SaaS Platform”, initiated with the demand to supply of any IT or BPO service and following which the configuration, bundling, sourcing, management, billing & contract management of such services can be achieved in an efficient manner. An important implication of the emergence of 4USource Platform is the astonishing value creation potential.

“4USource  database provide access to more than 3.2 billion euros worth of mapped services to compare your cost structure instantly.”


Benefits from Service Brokerage

Access Market Pricing with 4USource Platform

  • Reduce time for evaluating pricing information by a factor of 10
  • Get instant quotes for any IT or business Service(s)
  • Reduce evaluation process & avoid time consuming RFI and RFP processes
  • Instantly identify your saving potential
  • Focus efficiently on cost drivers to get the most out of IT
  • Get the required services at best available market prices
  • Instantly get providers commitment
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Service Brokerage

At any time get the right information without engaging with advisory firms for frequent and costly benchmarking

  • Get market price information from 4USource’s Platform any time
  • Independent of the service & sourcing life cycle process, get accurate information
  • Avoid additional cost for engagements of advisory services to undertake time consuming benchmarking exercises
  • 4USource database contains more than 3.2 billion euros of persisted mapped services
  • 4Usource database is updated on frequent basis each month for new services available on the market, from large sourcing transactions that are scouted from the Internet
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