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Service Portfolio, Reference Catalogue

Reference Service Portfolio & Service Catalogue

4USource has established the new way on how service catalogues can be created, extended, customized; and implemented based on an extensive database. Rather than having a platform framework, 4USource is delivering a content based approach with preconfigured service portfolios and service catalogue across industries, consisting of more than 10,000 service building blocks.

A big portion of developing a new operating model for Hybrid IT Services is establishment of a higher level of standardization. A service catalogue of standard offerings is critical for this as it reduces complexity and eliminates time lost by provisioning highly varied requests. Standardization of services is essential for on-demand provisioning. A well-defined set of standard service options results in greater benefits through automation and more cost-effective service delivery.

Sourcing decision can be made in hours, avoiding the need to enter into time consuming evaluation processes and relevant accurate information is made available with a press on the button on the platform’s service catalogue.

“4USource database provides access to more than 10,000 service building blocks with preconfigured service catalogues, service portfolios which applies across industries.”


Benefits from Reference Portfolio & Service Catalogue

Access Service Catalogue and Portfolio Content with the 4USource Platform

  • Preconfigured service catalogues across industry
  • Reduce time for deploying service catalogues
  • Make use of standardized services out-of-the-box from preconfigured service portfolios and catalogues
  • Deliver and consolidate different service catalogues to business and IT
  • Instant access of the master reference catalogue within 4USource

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Highlights of Reference Portfolio & Service Catalogue

Instantly get the right information without engaging advisory firms for costly Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue projects

  • Automatically generate engineering service catalogues
  • Automatically generate business service catalogues
  • Automatically generate components catalogues
  • Automatically generate business service Catalogues
  • Automatically generate KPI Catalogues
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