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Contract Management

4USource Contract Management

4USource Contract Management is is building the entire Service Model highly automated. The contract is reflected by Services and – Components as well as Service Building Blocks. This is important information to manage any  internal or external  Contract. Key differentiation is the Service Model, which allows line item by line item comparison for the Service receiving party and Service providing party. Most Contract Management Platform are “Electronic Document Repositories”. This means their is no logic behind the content in the contract and it’s no build on basis of a Service Model.

4USource new way makes the difference when it comes to manage large scale  “Service Contract” with suppliers.

‘The big question in successfully managing a contract, is what is in scope and what is out of scope’, this is where the big savings coming from “proactive Contract Management’



Benefits from Contract Management

Access digitized Contracts with the 4USource Platform

  • Reduce RFP Process Time by 90%
  • Prepare automated “Target Pricing” quotes for suppliers
  • Negotiate and track contracts based on the digital “Service Model”
  • Track Contract content and changes on basis of the “Service Model”
  • Building delta list, what has changed when
  • Compare billing information against current contract base line

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Highlights from Cotract Management

Managing Contract Life Cycle with the 4USource Platform

  • Manage Contract Life Cycle
  • Phase out phase in of new Services
  • Benchmarking of Suppler Contracts
  • Generating automated RFP Documents
  • Generating automated Statement of Work
  • Generating automated SLA’s
  • Generating automated Quotes
  • Building the digital Contract Model
  • Manage any service component by service component
  • Compare contract changes during contract if cycle period
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