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    Service Configuration, Contract Management & Continuous Benchmarking

    Perform custom benchmarking on a frequent basis on your own without help from any advisory firm & deliver the best fit market prices for your offerings in the market place.

    Always stay competitive with 4USource continuous online benchmarking capabilities


    4US simplifies contract management of complex sourced service contracts


Service Analytics

Service Analytics

Always make the right decisions for IT or investment in technology with 4USource, and prepare your enterprise for digitalization of any business and IT service. It is crucial for CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, & CIO’s to identify the most mission critical business processes related to the source of revenue versus the cost of running them. A holistic view is required to understand what portion of the revenue is generated with the utilization of pertaining business services and the underlying applications, infrastructure and connectivity services related to that revenue source. A new way is required to better understand

  • The ration between revenue and operational expenditures in order to improve them
  • The value of the underlying IT or technology pertaining to such platforms
  • The current degree of digitalization, automation & industrialization

4USource provides all relevant information that will enable senior management with new tools that makes taking informed & right decision making process simple & quick. Furthermore, senior management is instantly provided with all the necessary financial transparency to better understand the impact of taking such a decision to their enterprize. 4Usource platform always delivers instantly the right information at the right level of granularity at the right time.

“Find the right revenue source!  Which revenue of the enterprise is  impacted by which business process and underlying application, infrastructure and connectivity services of IT. 4USource provides CEO, COO, CFO, CIO everytime the right answers when it comes to decision making.”


Benefits from Service Analytics

Quick decision making with 4USource Platform

  • Identify the most critical IT platforms related to the source of revenue
  • Identify financial impact of pertaining business or IT platform
  • Always taking the right decision for technology investments and IT platforms based on the source of revenue
  • Identify revenue versus operating cost per IT platform

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Achieve continuous improvement from Service Analytics with the 4USource Platform

  • Identify ratio of revenue to operating cost for any IT or business platform
  • Identify the most mission critical sources of revenue within the enterprise
  • Identify revenue driving business processes and underlying IT-platforms
  • Identify cost driving applications and infrastructure
  • Identify non-economic services and initiate phase-out
  • Identify the most efficient services as well as most inefficient within the enterprise
  • Assess customer satisfaction for delivered services

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