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    Service Configuration, Contract Management & Continuous Benchmarking

    Perform custom benchmarking on a frequent basis on your own without help from any advisory firm & deliver the best fit market prices for your offerings in the market place.
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    Always stay competitive with 4USource continuous online benchmarking capabilities

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    4US simplifies contract management of complex sourced service contracts

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Prepare for digitalization with 4USource in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Design

Service Configuration

Service configuration is one of the most important corner stones to fulfil the service request and apply to the business demand.  It is the starting point for the digitization of services models. 

Every service is composed of a set of parameters which describes it. Regardless whether it is an IT service or business service. This definition is one of the fundamentals build block for defining & capturing the service model and eventually making them ready for digitization. The process starts with service design, where new services are built & deployed to the corresponding business users throughout life cycle of these services. 4USource is in collaboration with the department of  “Service Science” from a reputed University in Switzerland to define and implemented the leading edge service taxonomy. The fundamental elements that are the characteristics of any kind are service are:

  • The quality of the service & its components
  • The scope of the service & its components
  • The quantity of the service & its components
  • The market and unit pricing of the service & its components

Step 2: Digitalization

Service Digitalization

Current economy dictates that information must be in digital form, this in turn facilitates the free movement of vast amounts of information in the shortest possible time between people in different parts of the world using different digital devices.

In order to be ready for such a digital economy, 4USource has built the prerequisite industry standard service models. Such that every IT or business services can be built from service components, and these components are assembled with service building blocks. 4USource platform has more than 10,000 service building blocks in its vast database where more than 3.2 billion euros worth of services are structured, mapped & persisted, this facilitates the rapid capturing of customized service for your organisational business requirements.

Step 3: Industrialize

Service Industrialization

Benefit from 4USource production line approach to survive the IT & business services revolution enabled with cloud driven services.

Does the huge wave of change bearing down on the IT services sector make your organization rethink it’s strategy? Are your able to quickly restructure and revamp your organization in order to handle such a change. The 4USource platform will support your organization to transform rapidly to digitized service delivery models to empowered your organization with the agility required to sustain in such an economy and enables you to stay competitive.

4USource SaaS Platform

We bring IT, back to business

4USource is a pioneer in leading edge digitalized IT service models. We enable companies to efficiently manage their entire IT service engineering, sourcing, selling and management processes with focus on providing them the best of breed IT services that fully satisfies their requirements at competitive market prices. We enable companies to:

  • Get transparency into their IT services investments
  • Help increase service quality
  • Eliminate unnecessary IT spendings
  • Provide a flexible infrastructure in order to have the agility to quickly react to technology changes
  • Help become real business partner and enable their customers to take their own IT decisions & understand the real value of their service requirements
Service Configuration

Major benefits from Service Configuration

Quickly build your services out of 4USource database with pre-configured service building blocks out of the service catalogue

  • Creation of self service portals for end users, customers & key accounts
  • Building of  any customized service for IT and business
  • Building of any connectivity service
  • Building of any infrastructure service
  • Building of any application service
  • Building of any business service
  • Execution of online continuous benchmarking of services anytime
  • Provide a single point of billing
  • Reduction of service cost by 40-70%

The 4USource database currently holds more than 10,000 service building blocks and 3.2 billion euros of structure & mapped services. This facilitates a quick start mechanism to build services out of the 4Usource catalogue and service portfolio. There is no need to start from scratch. Making it possible to build any IT or business  services with preconfigured components and service building blocks.

Service Digitalization

Major benefits from Service Digitalization

Prepare the “Service Model” and reuse the information for the entire service & sourcing life cycle management processes

  • Design and build customized digital service models
  • Design and build digital contracts
  • Design and build digital sourcing models
  • Make use of service analytics and service information
  • Reuse all information during the entire service & sourcing life cycle

4USource is the pioneer for implementing digitized service model for customers that enable them to increase efficiency and time to market, on par with the manufacturing industry. Each service attribute is aligned to the entire service life cycle from; design &  engineer of the service, implementation of the service, running & operation of the service, change of the service and ultimately the phase out of the service.

Service Industrialization

Major benefits from Service Industrialization

Services can be efficiently deployed from either internal or external service providers, this is made possible with through automation starting from configuration to the deployment of the IT or business service.

  • Reduce sourcing cycle by 90%
  • Plug & Play with any service provider
  • Automaton of planning, budgeting & billing processes
  • Benefit form high agility and scalability of services
  • Improve “Time to Market” of pertaining services

Industrialization of services is a must in order to have the competitive advantage to stay in this business as this enables the most efficient allocation of resources and delivery capabilities to produce any IT or business service to the market.