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    Why do you need the 4USource SaaS Platform?

    Learn 5 compelling reasons to start benefitting from 4USource today.

    We do not manage our services blindly, anymore!


    We manage Services as business with 4USource!


    We have digitized our IT & business services with 4USource!


    4USource empowers our management to get a deeper understanding about IT efficiency!


    4USource's self service configuration provides a quick new way to define any new IT Service for our Business!


    4US platform facilitates continuous benchmarking of our services. We are always competitive in the market!


    4USource platform facilitates easy specification, buying & sourcing of the most competitive & complete IT services for our organization.


    Wow, we are always ahead of competition because we have digitized and industrialized our IT Services with the 4USource SaaS Platform.


    4USource SaaS platform is our preferred and trusted IT management tool. 4USource is usable out-of-the-box without any additional investment in hardware or software.


    4USource has prepared our IT & business services for the "IT-production line"!

Our Clients

Most beneficial advantages to our clients

  1. 4USource delivers a content-based solution, which already includes the entire service portfolio and service catalogue content, which might be used with small adaptions by our clients from the day one of project implementation
  2. 4USource will accelerate the implementation of leading edge digitalized IT Services in the shortest possible time to improve the agility to apply to rapidly changing business requirements of our clients

Most of our competitors start with empty toolboxes, which have to be implemented in a time consuming way and does not include valuable content which can be easily adapted. Whereas, 4USource provides the following features out-of-the-box:

  • Predefined service portfolio for connectivity, infrastructure, application and business services
  • Predefined service catalogue with more than 10,000 service building blocks
  • Self service kiosk with market pricing information
  • Automatic generation of standard Statement of Work documents
  • Automated generation of Service Level Agreements, Statements of Work, Market Pricing Quotes
  • Reference service catalogue with continuous benchmarking capabilities
  1. Capability of continuous benchmarking capabilities without additional costs any time for any IT Service
  2. Build the real digital IT service model, which increases agility to integrate and manage external &/ internal supplier and thereby shortening the Service Delivery Process

“Business centric IT services, competitive IT service pricing, shorter time to market cycle, higher degree of reusability,higher quality of delivered IT-services.”


Corporate Buyers

4USource platform enables corporate buyers to maximize the strategic, economic, operational and technological advantages of service & sourcing life cycle management. We provide actionable insights to help making informed decisions concerning:

  • Identify saving potential for all IT services with continuous benchmarking capabilities
  • Identify quick win and providers capable to deliver the required services
  • Identify critical IT services contract and their saving potential
  • Build digital service model to standardize, automate and industrialize the way services are delivered
  • Implementing savings based on shared risk & reward models


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Service Providers

Service providers can use 4USource platform to successfully develop, market and deliver their products and services and therefore meets the changing needs of customers pertaining a variety of industries:

  • Reduce time to bid 
  • Reduce bid cost for complex service offerings
  • Instantly get first quotes for market pricing of offered service
  • Automated generation of all documents pertaining to services offered
  • Building of service model to control the negotiation process
  • Automatic control of key account contract extensions

Investment Community


Investment Community

Investment bankers, private equity firms, institutional investors, financial analysts and other members of the investment community depend on us for the following updates:

  • Economics of outsourcing
  • Market dynamics
  • Growth rates
  • Public and private companies
  • Emerging players
  • Merger/acquisitions and other major developments

We are able to provide a complete service catalog to implement most sophisticated sourcing services in the area of BPO and ICT transactions. This additionally includes cost models and sourcing business cases.

Corporations & Providers


Linking Corporate buyers and Service Providers

4US service Brokerage platform will link buyers and sellers to shorten the entire sourcing Life cycle processes by more than 90%

  • Save time to prepare the service model
  • Save time to develop SLA’s , SoW, Quotes
  • Save time consuming RFI/RFP processes
  • Save time to compare and evaluate proposals
  • Save time to make decisions based on the service model
  • Save time to negotiate service contracts

We are able to provide a complete service & sourcing life cycle SaaS platform with 4uS for the most sophisticated sourcing services in the area of BPO and ICT transactions. This also includes cost models and sourcing business cases.