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Company and history

More than 23 years of history in service & sourcing life cycle management are the genes of 4USource; A Swiss and US based Company.

Founded in 1998 as TSG the sourcing group and rebranded in 2014 as 4USource AG. 4USource Inc. is incorporated in the United States. 

Our founders date back to some of the earliest innovators in service & sourcing life cycle management and the nascent development of the first digital ICT service catalogue in the market, which contains more then 10,000 service building blocks to engineer any ICT Service for today’s multinational & global enterprises as well as for service providers. This is also includes a reference benchmarking database, which contains more than 3.2 billion in mapped ICT Services.

We are proud of our Board of Directors, Advisory Board members and Executive Management.

The firm executives and service engineers are well established in the Service and Sourcing arena. The management team of 4USource has founded EDS (Switzerland) and grown EDS operations in 1991 and has pioneered the service & sourcing market in German speaking Europe 24 years ago.

Our next generation leaders are poised to expand 4US capabilities and help redefine businesses products and services, to become the first service brokerage company, which is capable to deliver preconfigured service portfolios and service catalogues, which can apply to the most demanding customer requirements and will be used for the digitalization of IT services.

These capabilities allow any customer to transfer and manage its ICT service business to build and run cloud based services.

4US AG’s leadership team has created some of the most interesting and wide ranging price, relationship, and governance benchmarks to help business leaders make informed choices about sourcing & service life cycle management for large multinational companies, that have to manage and source hybrid IT- service models or BPO services.

Our software and service engineers have deep and extensive experience in all phases of service & sourcing life cycle management, shared services and benchmarking. And are among the best and most experienced in the industry.

“4USource is becoming the world leader in digitalized  Service Brokerage, Service & Sourcing Life Cycle Management.”


4USource Inc.


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